Discourse SEO Problems

Originally published at: Discourse SEO Problems – Oppkey Developer Relations

Toward the end of of 2021, we started to see a problem with site views on Discourse installations. This appears to be a result of changes to the Google Page experience.

Changes are taking place in this timeframe:

  1. August 2021 – mobile
  2. February 2022 – start rollout on desktop
  3. March 2022 – complete rollout on desktop

We’re seeing an LCP of longer than 4s on mobile

There’s a large number of other factors, including mobile friendliness. Discourse gets good marks for mobile-friendly test in general.

However, the lengths of the forum posts and the image-heavy category threads are causing problems. This problem may get worse as the desktop page experience starts to factor into the ranking in February.

Source of LCP Problems

The problem is not with CPU load or network utilization.

Problem with Using Discourse as a Blog Versus Forum

One of the problems with our Discourse management is that we attempted to use Discourse as a type of blog. This means that there are a small number of high traffic topics.

Strategies to Improve SEO

One of the strategies we’ve implemented is to integrate WordPress and Discourse together.