RISC-V International as Model for Hardware Developer Relations

RISC-V is an open source ARM-like CPU design standard originally developed at UC Berkeley that may do for CPU hardware what Linux did for operating systems.

RISC-V International has grown from 29 members in 2015 to 2000+ members today.

the RISC-V exchange lists available boards, cores, software and books. Unfortunately, the links to books is broken as of August 23, 2021.

One of the accessible boards for hobbyists is the ESP32-C3. Elliot Williams wrote about the board on Hackaday

David Patterson, the father or RISC, is the vice-chair of the RISC-V Foundation. He is also known for two popular books, Computer Architecture, a Quantitative Approach, and Computer Organization and Design, both authored with John Hennessy.

The director of visibility & community engagement for RISC-V International is Kim McMahon, former senior director digital strategy and marketing communications, The Linux Foundation, and director of marketing at Cloud Native Computing Foundation.