Visual Studio Code Now Top IDE Among Professional Developers

Source: 2021 Stackoverflow Survey

Fairly surprised that VS Code is so widely used compared to IntelliJ.

25% use Vim versus 20% using Sublime Text? Wow, that’s a shift.

Only 13% use Xcode??? Man, if Apple didn’t force people to use Xcode to make MacOS and iOS apps, would anyone really use it?

Xcode is generally disliked, but how do you really avoid using it?

Sharing information on Oppkey’s development environment. I believe this Google survey of Flutter developers confirms our current setup.

Flutter supports VS Code and Android Studio. Integrates features into plugins for these two IDEs for Flutter app development.

  • VS Code pulling ahead since early 2022
  • Familiarity and performance biggest reasons to choose VS Code
  • About 23% of Flutter developers use both VS Code and Android Studio

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it’s interesting to see how the community moved from sublime to atom to VS Code.

I remember when everyone was using sublime. Sublime is $99 now.

I sometimes have problems with VS Code on Ubuntu 22.04 with Wayland. Although I use it as my main editor, I do think that the architectural choice of using Electron to build it may expose performance problems with VS Code in the future especially with all these features like embedded image previews within the editor.

It’s definitely faster than Android Studio in most of my use cases.

However, when using VS Code with the the larger 6.7K and 11K images in an array for the TSD modified challenge, the editor did slow down to be almost unusable.

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